Our story

Cargo Logic Management or CLM was founded to help drive the growth of ambitious international cargo airlines by providing management consultancy services inspired by a new way of thinking.

We are headquartered next to the world’s most connected aviation hub, London Heathrow Airport.

Intelligence, logic and knowledge are at the core of everything we do to deliver efficient and effective business management

Our philosophy is based on the principles of intelligence and logic, combined with proven knowledge and experience in the development of management solutions.

Cargo Logic Management brings together the most respected and experienced aviation and air logistics professionals who share our honest, open and transparent business approach.

We are global transport aviation professionals delivering cutting-edge solutions

CLM’s clear aim is to support and ensure its partners’ efficient and successful market performance by helping them develop strong business strategies, build highly-skilled teams and stay fully compliant with applicable international rules and regulations.

At CLM, we’re building a team of strategic thinkers and business leaders who apply their experience and knowledge to create empowering management consulting solutions for leading and ambitious cargo airlines. Our sole aim is to inspire their success by ensuring they can most efficiently provide the high quality services their customers need.