Our values


We believe that human activity brings value to the society by way of its continuous cognition, aimed to prevent threats of humanity (country, organization, human being), threats of the present and the future


We consider fulfilment of obligations undertaken to ourselves and others, and always intent to perform the obligations as well as in evaluation of such performance

Value Creation

We create value for the Customers, representing the society, in the form of products and services of the Company being expressed in the Employee’s personal workmanship without delegation to anyone

Customers recognition reception

We receive Customers’ recognition for the value from the Company’s services and products in generally accepted legal forms: money and other derivatives, barter, gratitude and other immaterial forms of recognition


We base on cooperation between the Company and its Partners and Customers as well as between its employees, in accordance with Company’s rules, signed agreements and international business regulations

Continuous cognition

We are aimed at permanent acquiring knowledge needed for the creating value for the Partners through the training, maintenance and transfer of knowledge, scientific and inventive activity

Continuous development

We secure ongoing improvement of the Employee’s intellectual, emotional, communicational, physical and energetic working abilities through the constant perfection of working processes and value created by them

Threats prevention

We monitor, identify and prevent risks and threats to Partners, Employees and Company existence and development

Health maintenance

We think of health as a base of working ability in balanced, rational, scientifically based use of time for work, training, rest and family