Fleet Development

Operating modern and efficient aircraft fleets are pivotal to the long-term success and brand reputations of all of our cargo airline partners.

Each aircraft requires an individual approach for operational, technical and financial management. In such a dynamic aircraft market, constant research and assessment, combined with considerable knowledge and expertise, ensures our airline partners secure the most timely and efficient commercial aircraft offers.

CLM takes responsibility for ensuring all the necessary procedures are completed to keep our airline partners’ fleets profitable, in impeccable technical condition and serving the needs of their customers.

What we do

Provide fleet management strategies in accordance with the long-term business goals of each company

Support, manage and audit contracts with aircraft manufacturers and lessors, and make recommendations on fleet restructuring

Renegotiate key lease terms in the best interests of our partners

Develop aircraft assessment systems to guarantee the required technical and financial conditions

Monitor the aircraft supplier market and make recommendations on aircraft acquisition